Sunday, July 31, 2011

Outstanding traffic citation in the City of Loganville? Amnesty may be your answer.

Much like the program offered in Gwinnett County in March 2011 2/28/11, the City of Loganville’s traffic citation amnesty program begins August 1, 2011.

Amnesty will be granted for persons having unpaid citations including contempt of court fees and failure to appear warrants. AJC 7/15/11. This amnesty will allow citizens to clear their cases and, in some cases, even have their contempt of court fee waived. “Each case will be evaluated based on the offense and there will be some instances where some outstanding warrants will be cleared without an arrest.” WaltonTribune 7/19/11.

Judge Brad Brownlow from the City of Loganville stated that “This will be their last opportunity to clear their cases without facing arrests and possible jail time.” WaltonTribune 7/19/11. If you have an outstanding traffic citation from the City of Loganville and you would like to take advantage of its amnesty program, contact the City of Loganville Municipal Court at 770.466.8087.

Don't wait on this offer, amnesty ends at the end of August 2011.