Friday, December 28, 2012

Get to Know Your Alcovy Circuit Superior Court Judges

People often ask “who will hear my case?” In Georgia, the answer depends on where you and/or the defendant lives and what your case is about, however many cases are heard by the Superior Court.

There are 10 Judicial Districts in Georgia which includes 49 Superior Court Judicial Circuits. Every county in Georgia has its own Superior Court, but it may be attached to another Judicial Circuit. For example, the Gwinnett Superior Court Circuit just includes Gwinnett County while the Alcovy Superior Court Circuit includes both Newton and Walton Counties. Your Superior Court is based on the County you live in.

The Superior Court has general jurisdiction, which means the Superior Court can rule on any criminal or civil action which is not already designated to be heard by another Court, such as traffic, misdemeanors, bankruptcy, immigration, or probate. Georgia Superior Courts hear a large variety of cases including felonies, contracts, real estate, civil disputes, child custody, and divorce.

Recently, the Alcovy Circuit Court posted a Press Release announcing that, “ The judges of the Superior Courts of the Alcovy Judicial Circuit (Newton County and Walton County) were sworn in for their new four-year terms on December 21, 2012.”

The Judges for this Court include (from left to right in photo below): Judge Horace J. Johnson, Jr.; Judge William Kendall Wynne, Jr.; Judge Eugene M. Benton; Judge William M. Ray, II; Judge Samuel D. Ozburn; and Judge John M. Ott.

Information on each Judge can be found in the Press Release and on the Court website:

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