Saturday, July 9, 2016

Can I Get a Certified Copy of My Final Divorce Order?

Yes, you can request a certified copy of your final divorce Order with the Clerk of Courts where the final Order was entered. For divorce and family law issues, request a certified copy from the Superior Court Clerk.

Be sure that you specifically request a certified copy if that is what you need. A legal certified copy is, “a copy of a document signed and certified as a true copy by the officer to whose custody the original is intrusted.” Some organizations will not accept standard copies and require that your copy be certified. The Superior Court Clerk can assist you with a certified copy request. You should contact the Clerk first to be sure they have the document you will be requesting. Be prepared with your Civil Action Number, the original names of the parties, the County where the case was finalized, and the approximate date of the Order you are requesting. Certified copies are generally only obtained in person at the Clerk's office. Typical Clerk fees for a certified copy 1st page is $2.50 and after 1st page is $0.50/ page. - fees , - fees.

Gwinnett County Clerk of Courts 770-822-8100

Newton County Clerk of Courts 770-784-2035

Walton County Clerk of Courts 770-267-1307

Barrow County Clerk of Courts 770-867-4800

Oconee County Clerk of Courts 706-769-3940

“The state vital records office will conduct a search to determine the occurrence of a divorce, and can issue a confirmation of a divorce.” However, note that the state vital records office will not provide a certified copy of your Order, only the Clerk of the Superior Court can supply a certified copy of the final Order.

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